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Who Needs Circuit-Tree?

Circuit Tree is a hardware compiler which aims to assist engineers and corporations to create quick prototypes in embedded space. This concepts has been on a wish list of many engineers and lately DARPA has joined this initiative with announcement of the program.

Circuit Tree has in its library set contains

  1. 1000 of processor/micro controllers [Link]
  2. Number of peripheral components typically used in embedded board design.
  3. Number of misc components for power, clock, reset, switches, leds, adc’s, dac’s.
select embedded processor and controllers

Select processors from the various options and search bar

Embedded Part selection

Select Embedded elements and parts



















In Total circuit tree has close to 6500 components in its library list. This is a good set of components which can generate non human controlled hardware designs from a budding hardware compiler. Are you aware that circuit tree hardware compiler also auto generated embedded board design with schematics and placement for 900+ different controllers in different board form factor in 60hrs . This is far more that a human capability and makes circuit-tree hardware compiler useful for a quick churn of embedded designs. Check out our Github repository for depth of the various designs.

GitHub circuit-tree embedded design repository





Is circuit tree a hardware eda tool to design schematics with full fledged capability of a typical cadence allego, eagle tool set ? No it is not. Consider Circuit-tree to be a engineering assistant to help you with design generation and pcb generation. The hardware compiler is knowledgeable of your design unlike a typical eda tool which is dumb and does not know what a component footprint in xy direction is and where to place or route connections from it. The hardware compiler can present various deliverable in cadence allegro, eagle, altium or mentor tool right from the application console.

There are new features coming to circuit tree which would make circuit-tree useful for further majority of the engineers. New capability need to be thoroughly tested and takes time but we are committed to get the best hardware compiler in the market.

Automated Designs from Circuit Tree

Ever tried Auto-placement?

Here are few pictures which tell a story of how most of the circuit board design software’s doing a component placement job.

Schematic with decoupling

Schematic with decoupling capacitors

Component Placement on PCB

Component Placement on PCB1

Component Placement on PCB 2

Component Placement on PCB 2

The placement Picture shows how badly the CAD tools have badly messed up placement. With bad placement the objective of placement of capacitors closer to the device stands nullified. It is important that decoupling capacitors are placed closer to the power pins of the device in correct orientation with the shortest path possible with thick traces which can offer lower inductance path for the current flow.

From our experiments the auto placement results were poor when using under following conditions:

  1. Irregular Board outline
  2. Segregating high voltage circuits from low power circuits
  3. Placement of high speed components around on the board to minimise noise and get good signal integrity on the signals.

Hence most of the designers prefer to perform the component placement of the board and then use or don’t use auto routers for quick layout.

Component placement should ideally have knowledge about:

  1. What the circuit is all about? It should know what are components, power, clocks, reset, high speed circuits, smd/through hole footprints, constraints? Without this knowledge any placement engine output is just not complete.
  2. It should understand the board outline, placement constraints, pcb layers.
  3. It should understand netlist which most of the routers use for current optimal placement. All components are placed so that the nets/traces can have shortest distance between the device and receiver.

At circuit tree we care about this problem and are working to solve this problem.  We believe that by offering intelligent part placement of our design solutions designers can use auto routers or manually route the board to significantly reduce the time it takes to complete the design.

This new feature is under development and showing promising results. Stay tuned to know when we start offering this exciting new feature.


Short Introduction to Circuit tree

Circuit tree is a circuit board design software application having intelligence of a hardware engineer to create embedded circuit board designs. It features more than 1000+ processors and controllers along with extended hardware peripheral library.

To start building your circuit board design now click on Access Tool.



Pain Points for Electronic Engineers

A few years back element14 conducted a survey to find the paint points which an electronic engineer faces. It is an interesting read available at :

Element14 survey results

Well, it is not surprising that the pain points presented in few years old studies are still valid today. Here is the summary of these:

  1. Initial design stages (before prototype assembly and testing) typically require the most time and effort to gather all the necessary information.
  2. There’s never enough time to properly utilize every relevant source.
  3. Incomplete information is common across relevant sources.
  4. Managing customer and vendor relations throughout the design process can be complicated, consuming even more time and resources.

At circuit tree we are trying to solve these pain points. Circuit-tree is completely automated and auto-generates for your embedded circuit board designs

  1. Build design schematic design in Eagle and Altium
  2. Real-Time Bom cost with octopart.
  3. Integrated footprints

The application is completely automated and one-stop for all the information you may need. It has been designed to provide a reliable design and helps you jump start your embedded circuit board design quickly.

Let us know what do think about our application tool capability in solving these problems.

Short Introduction to Circuit tree

Circuit-tree is an online EDA application having the intelligence of a hardware engineer to create embedded circuit board designs. It features more than 1000+ processors and controllers along with extended hardware peripheral library.

A short introduction to Circuit Tree:

To start building your circuit board design now click on Access Tool.