Pain Points for Electronic Engineers

A few years back element14 conducted a survey to find the paint points which an electronic engineer faces. It is an interesting read available at :

Element14 survey results

Well, it is not surprising that the pain points presented in few years old studies are still valid today. Here is the summary of these:

  1. Initial design stages (before prototype assembly and testing) typically require the most time and effort to gather all the necessary information.
  2. There’s never enough time to properly utilize every relevant source.
  3. Incomplete information is common across relevant sources.
  4. Managing customer and vendor relations throughout the design process can be complicated, consuming even more time and resources.

At circuit tree we are trying to solve these pain points. Circuit-tree is completely automated and auto-generates for your embedded circuit board designs

  1. Build design schematic design in Eagle and Altium
  2. Real-Time Bom cost with octopart.
  3. Integrated footprints

The application is completely automated and one-stop for all the information you may need. It has been designed to provide a reliable design and helps you jump start your embedded circuit board design quickly.

Let us know what do think about our application tool capability in solving these problems.

Short Introduction to Circuit tree

Circuit-tree is an online EDA application having the intelligence of a hardware engineer to create embedded circuit board designs. It features more than 1000+ processors and controllers along with extended hardware peripheral library.

A short introduction to Circuit Tree:

To start building your circuit board design now click on Access Tool.