Requirement Capture

  • 20000+ components model library parts.
  • Add new parts using the CAD information.
  • Use GUI or schematic entry or scripts to create depth to your board’s requirements.
  • Self connect components in schematic editor or let Circuit-Tree define the interconnection.
  • Define your power, clock and reset conditions on board or let Circuit-Tree take care of them.
  • Auto-selection of discrete parts that are filtered daily for the lowest cost using octopart.
  • Create custom form factor boards by defining requirements using schematic entry.
  • Define board outline during placement and routing generation stage.

Design and Schematic Generation

  • Auto Selection of the Processor/Controller based on your peripheral/connection requirement.
  • Automatic Pin Muxing of Processor/Controller pins with power IO Voltage Selection.
  • Auto Selected pin configurations to meet various states of processor/controller as needed by circuit.
  • Vast Peripheral blocks and libraries for quick design generation.
  • Auto Selection of power, clocks, power sequencing components parts.
  • Auto Generation of schematic and netlist which is understandable and error-free.
  • Validation of the Design.
  • Exports of designs to pdf and Bill of Material.

Placement Generation

  • Define Your board outline, holes definition, Placement Constraints, assembly Constraints.
  • Circuit-tree can auto-generate intelligent placement in few minutes using smart algorithms with/without user constraints.
  • Placement of decoupling capacitors, clock components, power components all taken care of by circuit tree.
  • Smallest size board generation.

Routing Generation

  • Auto Selection of stack up. The number of layers to be used can be edited by the user.
  • PCB fabrication and assembly rules defined through rules file.
  • Auto creation of power planes, differential nets, trace widths and application of high-speed rules to route signals as needed.
  • Gerber Generation.