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Do frequent hardware requirement changes frustrate you?

Does your product have time to market pressure?

How many background checks do you run to ensure a first time right designed hardware?

Fact remains that Designing hardware is difficult. There is so much effort and considerations that need to be taken into account to ensure that designed hardware works.

What if a hardware company could take this secret sauce and make the machine to design different types of hardware for you? 

Introducing circuit tree

Circuit Tree is an automation engine that autonomously designs a circuit board design with given user inputs. Using Components define as proprietary models in its database it creates schematic, component placement and routing on the fly. This means that the automation engine auto selects various types of components for a circuit and knows where to place and route these components on board.

Circuit Tree design engine has been designed by engineers who have experience of more than 20 years designing all types of first time right designs.

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Explore better ways of designing circuit boards

  1. Fast Design Time
  2. Get Quality tested Boards in your hands so that you can focus on what you do best.
  3. Vast component Library with board customization options
  4. Guarantee that your boards work.

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DesignS created with circuit tree

Types of Boards
  1. STM32 Based Micro-Python Board
  2. ESP32 Gateway project
  3. ESP32 Rapid Development Kit
  4. Drone Design

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"Circuit Tree has been very useful in my embedded design as there were no online design files available for my chosen processor. Part Selection is the most useful feature of the tool. Thanks"

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