Evaluation of circuit tree generated schematic design with a AM3352 SOM EVB Board

We would be running a capability test with a circuit tree processor library part am3352 processors and a olimex based design which is an open-source hardware board listed at

Olimex SOM EVB


Olimex Am3352 SOM

The purpose of the test is to check the following

  1. Components selected by circuit tree and its comparison with the various peripherals selected by olimex Board.
  2. Pin Mux connections from the circuit tree versus the board.
  3.  Power, clocks, and reset component selection and strategies by circuit tree engine to generate the design.

The processor lies on a system on module which connects with a baseboard where other peripherals are listed out. Our first goal is to create a board with similar peripherals connected by the olimex design.

We entered the requirements in the requirements editor as shown below in the picture and then generated the design. For more details of how to enter a requirements, you can refer our post Guide for creating a fresh design

Am3352 board requirement

Am3352 board requirement

For a more detailed overview of the requirements addition process, we have covered it in our next blog.

The design generated by the circuit tree matches the am3352 design in terms of peripheral connectivity. There were differences in some parts which can be seen in the table below.


Circuit tree engine is able to generate a complex board design/schematic in a minute’s time after all the requirements are entered. We understand the pain of generating an embedded design and allowed the tool to simplify the complete design generation.

Circuit tree now supports close to 1000 processors and a number of peripherals components. Generate instant schematic design and much-awaited PCB placement in few minutes to bring your product closer to completion using the application.

Login to our server to check out the online EDA application. 


Team Circuit tree

Short Introduction to Circuit tree

Circuit Tree is an online EDA application having the intelligence of a hardware engineer to create embedded hardware designs. It features more than 1000+ processors and controllers along with extended hardware peripheral library.

Here is an introduction video to Circuit Tree: