New Design Capability

Over several months we have added plenty of new features in the Online EDA tool circuit tree design to provide greater flexibility and customization.

Here are the prominent ones

  1. New library Components
  2. Part selection through requirement menu
  3. New peripherals
  4. Connectors, ADC,s DAC GPIO, LEDs, switches
  5. Ability to route any peripheral connection to a connector.
  6. Option to change processor in the requirement editor without affecting the existing peripheral requirement.
  7. Auto generated Fractured symbols with placement which avoids overlap.
  8. Altium and Eagle export options
  9. New power, clock and reset components added to support variety of designs.
  10. Updated validation engine

With the new design features the application can still create new schematic designs in 60 seconds on the fly.

For the latest feature set check out the circuit tree design capability onĀ

Team Circuit Tree