Automated Part selection

I was reading one of the silab blogs and came across an article that highlights some of the first hurdle electronics engineers come across from a design to design. Here is a snippet

Every electronic circuit need is different, however, and your solution to your problem will need specific circuits to solve that problem most efficiently and cost effectively.

So you have an idea for an electronic gadget…great! The trickiest step in the whole process is figuring out which electronic components, or parts, are needed to make up your circuits. This is not a step to be taken lightly. There are a billion ways to solve any problem and seemingly a billion parts out there to help you do it. First off, you have to find the components that make your solution possible, and then you will likely need to refine the design such that it is economically viable and power efficient. There are so many parts out there that it is hard for anyone to know all of the possible options. It takes a lot of research.

Often, electronics designers stick to what they know and have experience working on from past projects. This is with good reason; part specifications can be long, confusing, and sometimes inaccurate documents. Designing with something that you already know can vastly improve the chances of the prototypes working in short order. However, technology is always moving forward, and new parts can combine functions of other parts or improve cost and performance over past technologies. “


Well, these are problems that are easily solved with circuit tree.

Let us consider a case where you need to start a new processor design. You will have to start by going through a lot of documentation, errata’s, reference design, check-lists to go through the design and then understand how to start designing new hardware. Imagine the effort it takes to create this design/idea into a product. With circuit tree it is simple, pick the processor you want to choose, select from a variety of peripherals and components, choose power requirements and the intelligent engine creates a design that you can download to use or further customize.

Circuit tree now supports close to 1000 processors and a number of peripherals components. Generate instant schematic design and much-awaited pcb placement in a few minutes to bring your product closer to completion using the application.

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Short Introduction to Circuit tree

Circuit-tree is a circuit board design software application having the intelligence of a hardware engineer to create embedded circuit board designs. It features more than 1000+ processors and controllers along with extended hardware peripheral library.

Here is an introduction video to circuit tree: