How we check our designs?

For solving any problem you need wonderful teamwork to attempt and create a perfect circuit board design software application. We value the quality of circuit board designs produced as we want to be judged based on that and nothing else. The challenge here is that every design created by circuit tree is unique. It is manually next to impossible to even check all the drawings. We just cannot.

We had anticipated this problem early on and planned multi tier check. Here they are

  • During model creation. All our components are added in our hardware proprietary models. These models have number of fields which are scraped from the datasheets and other design information. These models are verified and reverified to ensure that the information presented matches the information available.
  • Scripts. We use a lot of scripts to test the models for correctness. These scripts are updated whenever we find issues in the models.
  • Model in action. The models are used with a tested processor to check different functional conditions along with its circuit board circuit options.
  • Generated design validation. We again use a lot of scripts to different possible conditions. The code has check to check various conditions. Like our circuit board design software application application the test infrastructure is also maturing.
  • Experienced Hardware designer application review. Here we have a senior engineer involved whose main work is run the application and report the issues. Other than the design he also looks for issues in BOM, exported designs. Most of the issues are web-based which are passed back to the development team for rectification.

Thank you for your time.

Short Introduction to Circuit tree

Circuit tree is a circuit board design software application having the intelligence of a hardware engineer to create embedded circuit board designs. It features more than 1000+ processors and controllers along with extended hardware peripheral library.

Here is an introduction video to circuit tree:

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