Are you looking for quick and first time right board design of your next hardware idea ? Here are quick reasons to use Circuit Tree :

  1. Circuit-tree hardware compiler auto creates embedded design in minutes for your custom requirement. Generate your circuit board design schematics and board in less than 5 minutes
  2. 1000's of Controllers and processors in library from texas instruments, ST Micro electronics, NXP, Atmel and Nvidia.
  3. Number of peripherals library component parts ddr3, Sdram, Flash memories, ethernet(RMII, MII, RGMII), USB2, Can, Uart, PCIe ,Sata, Display, sensors, wireless components (wifi, bluetooth). Choose between circuit tree auto selected parts or parts from library components.
  4. Circuit tree hardware compiler auto selects power, clock and reset components and connects them as per your circuit requirement. Get realtime cost from octopart for your component build.
  5. Export the schematics and layout in popular CAD formats Eagle, Altium,Cadence Allegro or Mentor Pads.
  6. Create IOT, Reference designs, System on module, single board computers and many more type of custom boards with circuit tree

Drag your components in eagle schematic and upload schematic file to the server.
Circuit tree would design the hardware as per your requirements.
Use Circuit Tree requirement editor to enter your design requirements.

Orderable Part No:


Part Information:

ARM Cortex-M4 2048KBbyte Flash Controller


ST Micro

Controller optional features which can affect how the circuit is created :

Choose boot Mode○  Allow boot up from flash○  Allow boot up from sramChoose low clocking Mode○  Enable use of osscilator for low speed clock Mode○  Enable use of crystal for low speed clock ModeChoose high speed clocking Mode○  Enable use of osscilator for high speed clock Mode○  Disable use of crystal for high speed clock Mode

Processor Interfaces


adc 40async_nor 1async_sram 1camera 1can 2dac 2i2c 3i2s 4jtag 1mdc 1mii 1nand 1rmii 1sdhc 1spi 4swd 1sync_nor 1timer 38uart 8ulpi 1usb2_differential 2

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Circuit tree introduction

Circuit tree is a hardware compiler having intelligence of a hardware engineer to create embedded circuit board designs. It features more than 1000+ processors and controllers along with extended hardware peripheral library to quickly design a custom board.

Here is a introduction video to circuit tree


Professionals have used circuit tree to create
Electronic designs saving then hundreds of hours.