Online EDA component library and circuit combinations

Someone asked me how many embedded/schematic designs can you create with the application using an online EDA tool circuit tree?  I wanted to run through some numbers to state the combinations of circuits which can be generated.

Circuit Tree EDA tool Universe2-1

Let us list some of the options:

  1. Power supply input can be varied 5.25V to 22V in steps of whatever you like. We will take 1V steps which makes the power supply combination to be approximate no of 16
  2. The imx6 from the universe will produce 4374 combinations based on different interfaces that can be selected. Also, we will assume that only one interface is selected at a time.
  3. The total number of combinations of the circuit that can be generated for imx6 is 69984.
  4. We now have 4 additional processors whose number of circuit generation combinations will be less than imx6. The sum total of all 5 processors in the free tool will roughly increase beyond 100000 combinations.

What else is left out from our rough calculations:

  1. In imx6 , stm32f407 and atmel same70q functionality pins are multiplexed on different pins and have lots of options through which the pin selection can change.
  2. Components selected for discrete, clock, reset etc.

But why are we running numbers for you? Even though these numbers are huge for this small feature set, we are capable enough to generate each unique design reliably and take care of millions or more combinations that generate the full library options we provide.

To know the latest list of components and processors in our application and to generates schematic and PCB placement please login to the app site. 

Team Circuit Tree