The Circuit tree is an interactive tool that is designed to help the user kick off the conceptual design phase and plan their embedded PCB design schematic. The user can select a processor, peripheral devices, board size, estimate a power budget, build design schematics that can be downloaded in leading offline schematic editors.
Circuit tree has a Artificial intelligent engine which uses proprietary models of electronic parts to create a unique design for any given requirement.


The main features and functions of the circuit tree engine are:

  • Selects processor multiplexed pins which can be used for the interface
  • Finds components which are compatible with the processor interfaces
  • Creates dynamic circuits and connections for the components selected
  • Locates power, clock, reset, and power supply requirements for the circuit
  • Optimizes and selects lowest power voltages for the circuit
  • Selects switching or linear power circuit, based on the circuit requirement
  • Optimizes clock and finds the connectivity solution for single, differential, crystal and more
  • Determines reset distribution on board
  • Calculates power sequencing solution for all selected components on board
  • Generates dynamic symbols for component and dynamically changes connectivity
  • Constructs custom headers for different circuits
  • Builds Bill of Material with links for part order from Octopart and Netlist generation.
  • Validates the design created by the website by checking connections.
  • Exports the designs to various design tools.


Circuit tree currently has more than 8000 parts in its library. The growing library parts contains processors, peripherals, processor modules, connectors, board form factors models which allow different type of designs to be created. Circuit tree allows parts to be picked from the library which need to be dragged on to the GUI. The GUI is highly intuitive which allows customization of the design right onto the component level functions and features.

Export Options

Circuit tree allows schematic designs to be exported to offline schematic editors. The database has scripts which can quickly help user to setup circuit tree component libraries and draw the schematics which can be easily exported in the PCB tool.

Current Release

The current release supports 1000 processors and controllers TI TMS320Dxx, AM33xx, NXP iMX7, iMX6, ST stm seriesĀ , Atmel SamE70 and many more processors. Ability to select select components for a interface and customize the design is added in the application. Generated schematic designs now support fractured parts to allow easy understanding of the complex processor pages. Designs can at present be exported to Cadence Allegro, Mentor Pads, Altium and Eagle Tool series.

Planned Next Release

Next Planned release will contain support for multiple form factors. We are actively involved in the development of auto placement of components based on the user board requirement. Stay tuned to know more about the feature.

FeaturesCurrent ReleasePlanned Next Release
ProcessorsLibrary contains 1000 different family processors and controllers Atmel series
Peripheral ComponentsLibrary contains multiple components per peripheral. More components will be added as requested by user.
Board Form factor SelectionNot presentWill be added in next release.
Component selectionUser can select the component that are preferred for a interface. Present
Option to change component configuration options. The peripheral interface has number of customization provided which can be changed after user part selection. Additional features would be added based on user request.
Option to add programmable logicNot supportedYes
Custom Connector connectionInterface Connections, ADC, DAC, GPIO's can be routed to any type of connector.Connections can be routed to any type of connector.
Power regulatorsSingle output voltage regulator selectedMultiple output voltage regulator selected. Design is optimal.
Schematic design exportExport to Cadence Allegro, Mentor Pads, Altium and eagle tool. Zip file will contain the schematic design used in the design. Layout help document. Bom estimate from component vendor would be added.