How can the application help a embedded hardware designer?

Typically in a design of embedded board the engineer follows these steps to create a reliable design:

  1. Decides on the processor
  2. Capture requirements
  3. Decides peripherals and does component selection
  4. Check processor pin muxing option.
  5. Processor Boot up / Peripheral component bootstrap pin connection strategy
  6. Power estimation/ Power Sequence
  7. Resets and clock distribution strategy
  8. Generate and verify schematics
  9. Bill of material/ Layout help document.

These steps are sequential and take time and effort to implement. It is a lot of hard work and any issues/change in requirements will require engineer to keep circling in the flow.

Creating a hardware design with circuit tree is easy.

  1. Any processor hardware design can be created in a minute. The tool captures the processor and peripheral related information and follows the flow above to generate the design in a minute.
  2. The generated design is checked by a verification engine which checks the generated connections through list of rules.
  3. Any changes in the processor or components to be used in the existing design is very simple to make.
  4. The application can output the schematics , libraries and layout footprints in popular tool vendors
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