How to add connectors in the design?

A connector can be used in the design to route any peripheral component connections to a connector. Please note the part selection is left to the user and the designs would be created with the dummy part connector details.

Add connector block from the left side to the canvas and define the number of pins supposed to be in the connector. Press ok and note the connector id JXX.

To route any connection to the connector select a peripheral and press route interface to connector icon as shown below:


next select the connector part number to route the processor interface connections to the connector



How to select a component design/configuration options?

Design options are the features which needs to be selected during design period. For instance if you want to wish that a components should be connected with a crystal and not with a clock, then you can use a option. You can change the addresses, voltage options or booting option by exercising this feature. Some of the feature are auto detected selected for circuit design on which you not have a control. For instance RMII/MII selection power on configuration logic is selected by the AI engine.

To change configuration options follow the steps outlined in the link below:

How can i change components which the tool has selected in the design?

Once the component is selected by circuit tree click on the icon shown below to open the configuration option menu which is custom for every component.


In the pop up menu select the drop down option from different tabs.


In case you are not sure or dont enter any values circuit tree will automatically preselect the options based on what it thinks is the best option.

How can i change components which the tool has selected in the design?

Changing components in circuit tree is quite simple. Add the peripheral you wish to add in the board. Now click on the icon placed above the library component to open the pop up block.


In the pop up form you will need to select function and press get parts button to allow part selection for the processor. The application will take few seconds to select a component from the library and propose other alternatives. You can click upon the select matching parts and scroll through parts.

Ethernet Library component selection

The component to be selected can be done by clicking on the radio button as shown below



Why do i get error while adding peripheral or when create schematic is pressed?

There can be number of reason why you may getting error:

  1. When a peripheral is added in the requirement page the processor checks for pin muxing option to see if the pins can be assigned for the user interface. If the solution cannot be generated then a pin muxing error will be generated. You can either press create schematic button or you will have to change the peripheral requirements or change the processor.
  2. Using devices which are not compatible with the processor interface or controller is not present
  3. Multiple peripherals devices are being used to interconnect to the processor which it cannot support.
  4. For any other issues you need to contact us with your username to us and or submit a ticket.