• Deliverables
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  • 1. Deliverables

    1. Requirements editor menu to enter board requirements.
    2. Schematic Viewer menu to view the online design
    3. Designs are stored in user area for further optimisation of design or modification.
    4. Generated schematic is
    a. Free from any Component overlaps
    b. Large symbols are split for good visual look of connections and symbols.
    c. Automatic symbol placement on page for easy visual understanding of electronic connections or source and destination.
    5. Validation of the design
    a. Error check mechanism added at the circuit level to check the electrical, power, clocks connections on board.
    6. The generated design can be downloaded in your PCB tool of choice.
    a. Schematic design in any of the formats below with similar design and symbol library.
    i. Cadence Allegro
    ii. Mentor pads
    iii. Altium
    iv. Eagle
    b. Block diagram in PDF which is the snapshot of the requirement section.
    c. Layout constraint document without stackup recommendation.
    d. Bill of Material containing
    i. Part name
    ii. Manufacturer Name
    iii. Cost as on digikey/procurement site
    iv. Lead time if any.
    v. Total Bill of material cost of the board.
    7. Planned development:
    a. Validation:
    i. Complete validation tool.