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Our story

A really great talent finds its happiness in execution -Johann wolfgang von Goethe

Founding members have a combined experience of 20+ years in embedded hardware developing all sorts of boards. They grew frustrated with the available PCB tools which did not have intelligence in them to check design issues or create designs quickly. Circuit tree was then born with a wish for simplicity and speed-to-market for embedded hardware design.

To put up strong execution we have couple of talented individuals who have stayed motivated for past 2.5 years to create a innovative design engine. We have solved problems after problem to get a workable product for a idea/domain which is so vast that its raises eyebrows.

Founder Members

Here are some of the tinkers/problem solvers/innovative individuals who work on circuit tree everyday:

Makarand Kapoor: [Linkedin] The crazy head behind circuit tree who had the Einstein moment to create circuit tree. He is a experienced hardware design engineer, with a knack of coding and creating complex systems. Complete site architecture and the AI backend engine has been created by him. He is also the lead and promoter of circuit tree.

Simranjeet Singh: [Linkedin] The php and javascript guru who understood the idea and created this creative site with his 16 years experience. He runs his own company in chandigarh, india and spends his free time travelling to far off locations.

Kinjalk thakur: He is the UI/UX expert on the team and is a expert in php/javascript and several other technologies. A very strong problem solver who occasionally suffers from sleeping disorder until he solves the problem in hand.

Muneeb Khan: He is an electronics engineer with 2 years experience in designing boards. He is responsible for modelling and verifying the generated schematic output. He is the spine of circuit tree who has helped in maturing the models to allow circuit tree to create such vast number of designs.

Site has also used various skilled freelancers for development of algorithms or website or test cases etc. We are a strong group of engineers who believe in creating innovative products which are useful for engineers for their day to day operation.

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Professionals have used circuit tree to create
Electronic designs saving then hundreds of hours.